In today’s competitive market, websites are now crucial to the success of most businesses. Using websites, companies can create strong and lasting impressions with new and existing clients by showcasing their services, track record, contact information, and other important details. 

If clients can’t find you online, they’re less likely to trust you or engage with you. Your business might as well not exist. If your business has a website but the information on it is difficult to access or the website’s design doesn’t match your branding, customer trust will drop.

Millions of websites on the world wide web and increased demand have made building them easier and cheaper. Using tools like WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly or Wix people can buy a domain name, set up web hosting and use customisable templates and themes to publish their websites in less than an hour. 

These “assembly line” web development solutions automate a lot of the processes so you can get a quick and easy website online in almost no time. 

However, quick and easy does not mean better. While using these services feels like you’re saving money and time, websites built with them often look quite similar to each other. If they replicate your website layout and design across thousands of pages, how does this convince clients to pick you? It’s like having two barber’s shops right next to each other with the same storefront, just with different logos and colours. 

We Build Websites That Properly Represent Our Clients’ Businesses

Laracle is a top-tier Tailwind CSS developer in the UK because we’re not in the business of building cookie-cutter solutions for our clients. New software, methodologies and technology are being deployed all the time. Embracing these developments is how we make sure we provide our clients with the best possible service. Tailwind CSS is relatively new compared to more popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design or Bulma. 

These other CSS frameworks have user interface kits and come with predetermined templates which should make website developers’ work much easier. However, just like with the web builders we mentioned, websites created with these CSS frameworks often look similar to each other. Therefore, web developers have to put more time into making websites built on these frameworks look unique. 

Everything we do at Laracle is bespoke, from the code we write for your websites down to the apps we build. That’s why our front-end developers and engineers have ditched the more popular CSS frameworks for Tailwind CSS.

As soon as a client gets in touch with us, our team gets to work on their project. Once we’ve settled on what functionality they need from their website, we work on a style guide. This is where we define what the client’s website will look like by locking in details like typography, colours and layout. Getting the design wrong or going for out-of-the-box solutions will directly affect your bottom line. The Stanford Web Credibility Report survey found that 46% of respondents assessed a website’s credibility based on design elements such as these. This also affected how trustworthy visitors found the company whose website they were viewing. 

Most CSS frameworks are component-based but Tailwind CSS is utility first. It doesn’t come with a default theme and there aren’t any built-in user interface components. This means that when we work with Tailwind, we build the components as we build our client’s websites, resulting in unique final products. Since everything with Tailwind CSS is highly customisable, it’s almost impossible to tell if we built a website using it just from looking at it alone.

tailwind CSS + man running

We Work Faster With Tailwind CSS

Normally a website’s CSS code is in a separate file that the HTML refers to for styling data. However, we write Tailwind CSS styling information right in the HTML markup. Since our team of developers doesn’t need to leave the markup, they are essentially styling the elements of a website directly. Cutting out the need to jump back and forth between two sets of code significantly reduces the time we take to develop a website.  

We Build Websites To Load Faster

Customisation and shorter build times are not the only reasons we prefer working with Tailwind. 

When people go to websites, they prefer and expect near-instant load times. No one enjoys staring at their screen while they wait for a page to load. A two-second delay in web page load time increases bounce rate by 103% and a 100-millisecond delay can affect conversation rates by 7%.

Google also uses web speed when ranking pages on the search engine results page (SERP). The slower a page is, the less likely potential customers are to find it. So the slower your website is, the less likely people will find your website, stay on your website or even do business with you. Many things affect a website’s performance, unoptimised images, JavaScript issues, flash content and too many ads are some of them. One other culprit is unclean code with excessive white spaces, empty lines, unnecessary comments and varied elements that result in a massive CSS style sheet. 

Tailwind CSS developers in the UK such as Laracle create a positive user experience by cutting down on your website’s load time. CSS files can get bulky if developers are not careful, especially as a website grows and teams of developers add custom CSS to the style sheet. This can create a bloated CSS file that can get as large as 2000kb that will slow down a website. 

Despite being utility-based, Tailwind CSS is component-friendly. It separates website elements into smaller components so they do not fill the code base with irrelevant CSS classes. Laracle also uses Purge CSS, a tool that strips all the unused utility classes from Tailwind CSS, leaving us with only what we need for your website. Once we apply Purge CSS to a website’s code our optimised CSS file rarely gets larger than 10kb. 

We Design for Responsiveness

Another thing that affects the visibility of your website and its user experience is responsiveness.

Over 4 billion people regularly access the internet, more than half the global population. They do this through 9000+ distinct devices shipped with 21 operating systems and eight major browser engines that power hundreds of browsers. This means that there are 63,000 different browser-platform device combinations used to view websites. Every one of these users expects websites they visit through their browsers to render perfectly on their device regardless of whether it is a tablet, desktop computer or phone.

Responsive design ensures that our clients’ websites respond to user behaviour and environment based on device, platform, and orientation. It forms a fundamental part of how our full-stack developers build websites for our clients. 

Some developers build separate websites for mobile, desktop or tablet users. When we use Tailwind CSS, we apply each utility class conditionally at different breakpoints so we can rapidly build responsive websites. Before we deploy, we test each of our products for compatibility across common combinations of user environments to ensure compatibility. Your customers could even use a web-enabled smart fridge to browse your website and still get the same user experience they would expect while on their laptop.

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How We Work With Our Clients

If you want a website that is visually effective and appealing to visitors, works exactly as you intended it to, developed and deployed quickly, and optimised for search engine ranking, then you should work with a Tailwind CSS developer in the UK like Laracle. The return on investment from working with a Tailwind CSS developer in the UK is not just limited to websites with static content, but also to web applications that require high levels of user input. 

We base our approach on consistent customer engagement so we get everything right. Our team will start by getting to know you and everything relevant about your business needs and target audience before getting to work on developing a project plan. 

The project plan is highly adaptable and can evolve/change. We give our clients constant updates throughout the entire build process. This allows us to adjust features and design specifications to suit your website should the need arise. We also advise on functionality and other tweaks drawing from our teams’ 10+ years of experience working in website and software development.

Laracle: The Leading Tailwind CSS Developer In The UK

Working with our clients does not stop once we’re done building their website or web application. We also train our clients on using the products we have developed for them and keep in touch after deployment. Part of our aftercare services is making sure you understand everything about what we’ve built for you. Depending on the project, this might even include a tutorial for your staff.

Pop by our offices in Stratford-upon-Avon or get in touch with our customers.

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How to plan for successful Software Development Outsourcing

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