Laracle have worked with some of the biggest names in business, who trust our custom PHP development services. We apply the widely used programming language PHP to create bespoke platforms for our clients.

We believe that no project is too small, or too complex. We are able to work any custom feature into the development by using the coding language PHP.

PHP is an open source, server side language. Around 79% of sites use it somewhere in their backend code (source). The prevalence of PHP demonstrates just how versatile the code is and how broadly it can be applied. This versatility makes PHP extremely customisable, enabling us to build unique software and web applications.

Laracle is a PHP web development company. We work with clients to ensure their custom apps are developed and delivered exactly according to their specifications, keeping them informed every step of the way. We set out an accurate, realistic timeframe for our development projects before we start them, meaning we deliver what we promise, on time, every time.

We also pride ourselves on our continuing service and product aftercare. Our dedicated team makes sure that your platform continues to run smoothly, also providing training. Based in the UK, you can even pop to one of our two offices if you need to get in touch with us, too!


What is PHP and why use it?

To understand a little about what makes PHP so unique as a language for writing programs, it’s useful to learn about how it was created and its evolution as a language.



Invented in 1994 by a Danish-Canadian programmer called Rasmus Lerdorf, it was originally called PHP as short for Personal Home Page. In the mid-90’s was briefly changed, but is now back to PHP, this time as a recursive acronym which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Lerdorf invented the language as a way of keeping track of who was looking at his online resume. Once it was released to the public, other people were able to iron out bugs and streamline the code base, making it usable for a great many more applications than before.

In fact, Lerdorf had accidentally started something far bigger than he ever meant to, stating “there was never any intent to create a programming language”.

In 1995 the source code for PHP was released by Lerforf which is when it began to take on some of the functionality the language is currently known for. Despite this, it was mostly worked on only by Lerdorf himself and a couple of contributors. In 1997 it became more widely adopted.

PHP works by checking or fetching information from a server, then displaying it on a webpage, application or custom piece of software.



The most widespread use of PHP is on the popular WordPress platform,  which is used by a large number of websites on the internet. WordPress provides an intuitive, easy to use admin panel from which users can activate plugins and customise their website. Its ease of use for people with little web experience ensures its popularity year on year.

Looking through the files on a WordPress install you will see a large number of them are .php files, handling essential WordPress functions such as “login.php” or “mail.php”. This means PHP plays a role in some pretty core functions on the internet including login authentication and digital marketing.

php file and cog

Why use PHP?

PHP can be used to develop a mobile app, social media site, eCommerce website and almost any custom software.

Some of the advantages of PHP lie in how it has been developed as an open-source project and the longevity of it as a language. PHP has now been around for 25 years and is unlikely to be obsolete any time soon. As a free language, there are many talented developers working to enhance its useability. In the fast-moving technology industry, this is a great sign of future longevity.

There are many reasons why PHP is a great language for custom software development, so let’s go examine what makes it so appropriate.



Php allows for easy integration to both server-side databases and front end code. Most commonly php is used in conjunction with the MySQL database but it supports a host of others, a list of which can be found here.

On the front end, PHP integrates seamlessly too, as it can be written straight into HTML.

Php is open source and also fairly easy to learn, often recommended to beginners as a great way to understand how coding languages work. This also means it has a great support base for debugging and problem-solving, as many advanced programmers are familiar with it.

These factors make it a great choice for developing custom applications or software, while the open-source nature of PHP means it has great community support as well.

As we have mentioned before, PHP was never originally designed to be a programming language. This means it can be messy to write large scale applications and programs unless the project is well managed with frameworks and a clearly thought out code structure.



Frameworks are pre-written libraries of code., which reduces the need to write simple functions and repeat lines of code, helping to keep files tidy. Laravel is the most commonly used by PHP developers, a framework we specialise in. Laravel allows easy access to many common features of PHP, such as login authentication. By using Laravel as a framework in our software development company, we have more time to focus on delivering a platform totally customised to your needs.


Custom PHP Development Companies

PHP has risen from some humble beginnings to be used worldwide. It’s also often used alongside other languages to develop extremely complex, specialised platforms, though code of this complexity can be difficult to manage.

When considering developing a web application or custom piece of software, it’s important to choose the right company to hire from a crowded market.

Prices can vary wildly in the software world, but as is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for. It’s important for you to know beforehand what the project will cost, how long it will take and to know that the end product will meet your expectations.

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Why Laracle for PHP development services?

Laracle specialises in creating custom applications, software and websites. We are an in-house team with specialists to focus on key areas; web design, content writers and application development. There’s a whole host of reasons to work with us to bring your custom PHP software to life, giving you a platform you can rely on.


A Little About Us

Laracle is a website and software development company founded originally by two friends. Although we have grown in size, we keep our family business attitude and apply it to our staff and our clients.

We now have offices in two different locations, London, and Stratford-upon-Avon. We are proud to have worked alongside some big names in UK business including PepsiCo, Dogs Trust, Holland & Barrett and The SSE Arena, who have all trusted us with the app development needs.


Our Process

We are full stack Laravel developers. Our process involves the client, first and foremost. We get to know our clients whenever we take on a new project. Communication is one of the cornerstones of our development process, at every step of the way, we keep our clients in the conversation.

We begin with an in-depth discussion to understand our client's goals and formulate a plan. Throughout the project, we provide constant updates, and when it is finished, we provide thorough mentoring and training on how to use your new application.

We do not outsource any part of our projects, this way we retain total control. It guarantees a quality end product and allows us to closely oversee the entire development process. On top of this, our apps are delivered on time. We do this by guaranteeing a realistic and accurate time frame for our custom PHP development services. We believe that rushing a timescale leads to poor performance, bugs, and inevitably, delays.

We are a data-driven company. Meaning if something doesn’t work, we won’t use it. Consistently analysing data is key to the continuing success of our software and web applications.

After deployment, we stay with our clients. It’s our job to make sure that they are trained and mentored in their new software effectively.


Get in touch and ask about our custom PHP development services

We are based in the UK, along with our team. This makes it simple to get in touch with us, via email, telephone, or you can even pop into one of our offices in London, or Stratford-upon-Avon. We’re always available to chat using our contact form here as well.

We love getting to know our clients properly, so feel free to get in touch if you’re still in the early stages of an idea too. We might spark some inspiration for what is possible.

Getting the right company for web application development can be hard, but we hope this gives a pretty good overview of why we are so confident in our custom PHP development services.

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How to plan for successful Software Development Outsourcing

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