Javascript vue.js Development.

Vue.js is a Javascript framework that’s primarily used for developing frontend user interfaces and single-page applications. Vue.js extends the capabilities of basic HTML to offer developers additional functionality when creating UIs.

Here at Laracle, we make use of this Javascript framework because of its lightweight nature. For the people who are familiar with the model–view–controller (MVC) approach to development, vue.js is effectively the View. It allows us to build powerful client-side interfaces that interact with backend systems, often PHP servers running the Laravel framework.

Vue.js was initially released in 2014 by Even You as a way of enabling developers to build singlepage applications and user interfaces incrementally. Like Laravel, another one of our favourite frameworks here at Laracle, flexibility is at its heart. Each component built with vue.js can be swapped out or removed without affecting the running of your app or UI, making it the perfect framework if you intend to scale up or down in the future.

Vue.js development tailored for you.

Laracle is a leading Javascript and vue.js development agency with many years of experience working in this space. We take on projects of any size, related to any industry. Some of our previous projects have included ticketing platforms, comparison websites, national databases and directories. Check out our case studies to see a sample of what we do.

Using the vue.js framework, we can develop bespoke user interfaces or single-page applications that are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. Our team of highly skilled engineers build bespoke UIs on a daily basis for some of the biggest companies in the UK.

We offer this as either a standalone service or as part of a full-stack solution that encompasses both frontend and backend development.

Nearly every project we undertake involves some form of user interface development, whether that’s from the ground up or adding new features to an existing UI.

Why Vue.js?


Vue.js is one of the ‘big three’ Javascript frameworks, the other two being Angular and React. Out of the three, it’s the fastest-growing, becoming more commonplace every day. It’s also 100% open source and is community maintained instead of being backed by large corporations such as Facebook and Google like React and Angular are.


Any developer who is already familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript will be able to understand vue.js code. The way the code is organised also makes it very easy for other developers to understand it who may want to work on it in the future.


Vue.js allows us to organise code in a simple, lightweight way that helps us build UIs that work lightning fast.


One of the most significant advantages of vue.js is its ability to be integrated into existing projects. We can use it to add functionality and extend UIs and web applications even if they weren’t developed initially using vue.js.

Our process.

Our founding principle is to offer a complete service from start to finish. Regardless of your needs, when it comes to website and application development, you can trust us to take care of your project from the first stage to the last.

The team here at Laracle are experienced in working with people who have limited technical know-how. We outline exactly what’s possible and work closely with our clients to arrive at solutions that fully satisfy their needs. We’ll work together in real-time to demonstrate what’s possible with the available technology.

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