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Decentralised apps, or dApps, represent an exciting new technology that allows developers to connect directly with app users and customers.

dApps work just like typical apps, except the word "decentralised" here refers to the fact that dApps run on a blockchain or another peer-to-peer network.

The advantage in using dApps over proprietary apps is perhaps best demonstrated using the example of Uber.

With a dApp, you could connect riders with drivers just like Uber does. The only difference is they would connect directly -- without paying Uber's fees. Instead of being a proprietary app controlled by a profit-oriented company like Uber, your dApp-Uber would be an open-source app operating on its own without any single entity controlling it.

Here are some of the essential features of a decentralised app:

  • No single entity runs it, and it must be open-source.

  • All of the dApp's records and data must be public.

  • Network security must be assured by using a cryptographic token.

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The dApp Advantage

The benefits that dApps have to offer over traditional applications are pretty impressive.

  • Preventing censorship - Since there's no single company or government entity running them, it's next to impossible for anyone to shut down the network.

  • Always on - Because they run on a peer-to-peer network of disparate computers and servers, dApps continue to operate even if individual pieces of the network are offline temporarily.

  • Blockchain-oriented - dApps seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies because they're made up of smart contracts.

  • Constantly evolving - dApps are open-source, so the dApp ecosystem is constantly growing. Intriguing new functions and uses get built into them over time by developers around the world.

Cutting Out the Middleman

The opportunities for streamlining and optimising businesses using blockchain technology are slowly becoming more apparent, even to people who don't work directly in the field.

Here at Laracle, we use dApp technology to help our clients gain an advantage in the modern global business environment of razor-thin margins and lightning-fast communications.

We use both Ethereum and Chainlink, two distinct blockchain ecosystems, to develop dApps that use smart contracts to perform certain tasks.

You can think of these two blockchains as completely separate entities, along the lines of, say, Apple and Microsoft -- only open-source and with no centralised organisation running the show.

But what they both have to offer you in terms of dApp technology, is a foothold in the decentralised, more efficient way of doing business that is the future.

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