Custom API Development.

If you happen to make use of more than one software application to manage your day-to-day operations and they aren’t in sync or communicate with one another, there’s a strong chance that to pass information between these apps it has to be shared manually. Managing multiple systems this way increases the risk of human error and also increases your workload.

Having a custom API developed is an excellent way of overcoming this issue, they help improve overall efficiency and can significantly simplify the way your business works.

Unsure of how APIs can help your business run smoother?

Well, let us explain.

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What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software intermediary that enables controlled interaction between two or more applications. It creates an avenue for various software packages to integrate with your systems, helping them work together more effectively and efficiently. Each time you make a tweet on Twitter, connect with your friends on Facebook or check the weather on your phone, you are making use of an API. Examples of popular APIs include the Google Maps API, YouTube API, Flickr API and the Twitter API.

How are APIs useful?

Well-written APIs are essential for businesses running multiple systems and can provide many long term benefits, some of which include:


Most companies use a variety of software packages to run their business. There is a need for these software packages to communicate with each other. APIs will help you tie all the systems or applications you operate together to promote efficiency. For example, an online hotel booking system may need to be integrated with the housekeeping schedule so that the cleaners know which rooms are occupied and may need cleaning.


Thanks to the nature of APIs and the way they work, they can quickly be adapted to new systems as needed. They provide an opportunity to deliver new user experiences personalised to different audiences.


A well-coded API can allow for massive amounts of information to be processed in a short time. This is especially true with an API from Laracle. As Specialist Laravel Developers, we make use of the Laravel framework in every custom API we develop. It’s a robust language that is designed to be lightweight and work at scale.


You can use APIs to allow third-party platforms access to data and information quickly and efficiently. You often see this in action with comparison sites. They pull data from various businesses and present it to the customer so that they can make an informed decision. By giving third-party platforms API access you are tapping into a new audience, and the best part is you’re letting someone else do all the heavy lifting.

How Laracle’s custom API development services can help you.

Laracle is a leading tech company providing custom API development services to business across the UK and around the world. We take our time to fully understand and meet the needs of each client before delivering products that exceed expectations.

We develop 100% custom API solutions that are tailored for the job in hand, whether that be for mobile apps, websites, internal systems, or anything else. If you are looking for a solution to a problem, we can help.

We’re also able to work on expanding or maintaining any existing APIs you may already be using.

Contact Laracle today if you’re interested in our custom API development services, a member of the team will talk you through your options and will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

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