Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are essential for growing businesses. The right CRM software simplifies the way that you organise and access customer data to get more out of your marketing strategies, drive sales, and retain more customers.

While you can use an off-the-shelf CRM system, custom CRM development provides a personalised solution. Here is a closer look at the advantages of our custom CRM software development services.

Why Do You Need a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you track the journeys of your customers during both the pre-sale and post-sale periods. Many CRM applications include features for assisting marketing, sales, customer service, and digital commerce operations.

Businesses frequently use CRM software to find customers, nurture sales leads, and retain their customers. The software can collect information about each lead or customer through websites, email, telephone calls, or social media interactions. The information is automatically compiled and updated to give sales and marketing staff more insight. 

With a high-level overview of every sales lead and customer, a CRM system allows you to easily manage day-to-day customer interactions. Marketers can use the software to improve their marketing strategies, while sales reps can keep potential customers engaged and close more deals.

CRM platforms also integrate with other services to streamline the way you and your staff handle customer relations and administrative tasks. Many repetitive tasks can be automated, such as sending emails to customers when they reach a specific stage in their journey or alerting a sales rep when a marketing lead becomes a qualified lead.

Using a CRM saves time and helps you achieve greater success. However, you first need to choose the right CRM platform.

There are two main options when it comes to CRM platforms. The first option is to purchase a ready-made CRM platform developed by a large software company and sold to businesses around the world. These off-the-shelf options are often full of features and available instantly. They are also costly and may require training.

The second option is to hire a team of developers to create a custom CRM application. A custom CRM application is developed based on the details that you provide to developers. It is a unique platform built solely for your business. Here are the top advantages of choosing custom CRM development over a ready-made application.

Custom Features and Functionality 

Every business has a distinct way of operating. Your day-to-day processes may vary from your competitors. However, using a prepackaged CRM application may require you to change the way that you operate.

Ready-made CRM solutions come with built-in features and the potential for expanded functionality through integrations. You need to adapt your business processes to work with the features available on the application.

A custom CRM platform is designed around your processes. Instead of conforming to the needs of the software, the software is built around your needs. This provides a more efficient, flexible solution for managing your customer relationships and marketing strategies. 

You also avoid the hassle of attempting to modify a prepackaged CRM application to match your objectives, if that’s at all even possible. With an out-the-box application, you would need to find third-party services and integrations or hire developers to modify the code to suit your needs. 

As a custom CRM application already has what you need, it provides a faster option compared to modifying a prepackaged application.

CRM development retains customers

Increased Data Security

A bespoke CRM offers increased security compared to a ready-made solution. Salesforce, Adobe & Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle are the three leading vendors for off-the-shelf CRM applications. Millions of businesses depend on applications from these companies, which makes them a target for cyber threats. 

It only takes a single vulnerability in a commonly available CRM application for hackers to begin attacking unsuspecting businesses. Data theft, data ransom, and other cybercrimes remain on the rise.

Statistics show that roughly one-third of UK businesses have been victims of cybercrimes in the past several years. Many crimes are committed due to exploits in popular software.

With a custom CRM application, the source code is only used for your business. While this does not protect against all threats, it can reduce your risk of falling victim to a cyberattack. 

Data Retention for Marketing

Custom CRM development ensures that you retain all data for future marketing purposes. You can continue tracking essential marketing metrics to improve your strategies and convert more leads into customers.

As your CRM platform tracks every stage of a customer’s journey, from initial awareness to repeat transactions, you gain valuable insight. 

In-House CRM Development

To stay on top of quality assurance, the best custom CRM development services keep everything in-house. In-house development provides better control over the quality of the CRM. The work is completed by a well-organised team instead of multiple groups working out of different offices.

Along with better quality control, in-house development helps ensure faster turnaround. You are more likely to receive your custom CRM platform on time or earlier than expected when partnering with developers that do not outsource to outside firms. 

Increased Efficiency

Ready-made CRM applications come packed with features to appeal to a larger audience. The variety of features and integrations impact the performance of the software. The software itself is less efficient, which limits the efficiency of your staff. 

Custom-made CRM systems are built from the ground up to suit your requirements. They only include the features that you need to deliver a streamlined, efficient solution. Even the smallest percentage increase in efficiency can equate to major monetary savings for large corporations. 

Easier Integration 

CRM applications often require integration with other systems, such as email services, calendars, social media, communication tools, and various marketing platforms. Ready-made CRM software is often compatible with a wide range of popular services. However, the integration features may not always meet your needs.

A custom CRM application is developed with the integration that you require. Including the integrations during the development stage that streamlines the communication between the CRM application and the third-party service. You have the freedom to expand the functionality of your CRM without worrying about compatibility with the services that you already depend on.

Reinforce Branding

Bespoke CRM software provides an opportunity to reinforce positive employer branding. The only branding that appears on ready-made software is the branding of the company that developed it.

With a custom CRM, you can include your company name, logo, colours, and other branding elements to reinforce your brand image internally with members of staff.

branding with CRMs

Long-Term Cost Savings

CRM software often comes with costly recurring subscription fees and licensing fees. For example, you often need to pay for each new user that you add to the platform, such as when you hire new staff.

A custom CRM offers cost savings over the long term by eliminating recurring subscription fees. You pay for the development of your software and ongoing support but do not pay for each new user. 

Along with fewer fees, the efficiency of bespoke CRM applications helps increase the return on your investment. 

Limited Training Requirements

The leading CRM applications are complex and have a steep learning curve. New users often require extensive training to fully utilise the software. The time needed for training increases the challenge of deploying the new software. You need to account for the downtime caused by this prolonged training.

A good custom CRM includes the features that you select, resulting in streamlined interfaces. The dashboards and settings are easy to navigate, requiring less training. New users can quickly grasp the basics and easily learn to make the most of the software. 

Aligns Your Marketing and Sales Team

Better integration of your marketing and sales team tends to lead to more conversions. Unfortunately, this is not always easy in a typical office. 

With a custom CRM application, you ensure that the marketing and sales departments remain on the same page. They have access to the same data. When you align your marketing and sales staff, you deliver a more consistent message to potential customers. 

Boost Sales with Personalised Marketing

Using their own CRM software allows business owners to create more personalised content for their potential customers and active customers. The software continually captures useful information about audiences that can be used to tailor messages and outreach, ultimately improving customer experience.

You may use customer relationship management software to send personalised emails as part of your automated email marketing campaign. You can also track the purchase history of active customers to deliver recommendations and upsell or cross-sell services and products.

Improve Relations with Existing Customers

Active customers are essential to the sustainability of your business. Retaining more of your customers ensures a steady stream of income. 

CRM platforms help you better understand the needs of your most loyal customers by providing data related to their purchase history and browsing activity on your website. These details help you develop more effective sales strategies to boost customer retention rates and transactions per customer. 

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