Warehouse logistics are often complex as they involve many workers and different departments to keep items moving to and from a warehouse. Without the right warehouse management system, warehouses become unorganised and inefficient.

Implementing custom warehouse management software helps your business save time, deliver products faster, and reduce overall operating costs.

What Is Warehouse Management Software?

Warehouse management software (WMS) helps businesses manage day-to-day operations in a warehouse setting. The software guides every process, including:

  • Receiving goods

  • Storage and organisation 

  • Picking

  • Packing

  • Dispatching

  • Returns

Warehouse management systems help reduce the need for manual labour and reduce mistakes when completing these processes. You can save resources and get a better overview of your inventory in real-time without completing a lengthy warehouse audit.

How Warehouse Management Software Works

Warehouse management software provides an all-in-one solution for dealing with the different functions of your warehouse.

Warehouse management software tracks each item that the warehouse receives. After unloading freight, the SKU for each item is scanned and logged by the system. It then directs workers or machines to the correct short-term or long-term storage location for each item.

WMS solutions also provide advanced inventory tracking to monitor stock levels. The software ensures that you know exactly what you have in your warehouse at any given time and how much product is ready to ship. Implementing the right solution now can support your business as it grows. 

Using a WMS makes it easier to provide customers with a variety of delivery and shipping options as the software can automatically generate pickup orders with the necessary delivery service. 

Large organisations may turn over inventory quickly, increasing the need for an efficient warehouse management system that is tailored to the individual business in question. Bespoke solutions can also manage delivery confirmations and returns, providing a complete solution for every stage of the supply chain.

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Benefits of Custom Warehouse Management Software

Most businesses with warehouses use some form of software to manage and track inventory and assets. Basic inventory management systems can handle day-to-day operations but lack the features needed to improve the way your business operates.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of upgrading to a custom warehouse management system.

Increased Automation 

Increasing the efficiency of your operations helps limit manpower requirements. You can reduce labour costs by improving the way that you store and retrieve items in your warehouse. WMS can also help with labour optimisation by providing supervisors with additional insight for labour forecasting. 65% of the operating budget for the typical warehouse goes to labour. Scaling back your workforce in the warehouse can go a long way toward making your business more profitable.

Reduced Inventory Loss

Using a custom warehouse management system is likely to help reduce inventory loss. Common causes of inventory loss include misplaced items and employee theft. WMS address both issues by tracking the location of each item in your warehouse. Accurate real-time tracking discourages employee theft and virtually eliminates the risk of misplaced items. Everything has a designated space, whether it is stored in a bin, on a shelf, or a pallet.

Better Logistical Management

Custom software also improves logistical and supply chain management, which is necessary for fast-growing brands. Choosing a scalable solution can ensure that you are prepared for increased demand. Better logistical management also helps optimise storage. You can make full use of your available space without worrying about overstocking. Warehouse management improves storage allocation, which may allow your business to make use of smaller facilities with lower operating costs.

Decreased Delivery Times

Increasing the efficiency of your warehouse allows you to move items more quickly and with fewer errors. You can get items out to your customers quickly, which should also help boost customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase repeat business.

Custom warehouse management software can provide even greater improvements in supply chain efficiency by creating stations for each stage of the fulfilment process. For example, you may establish separate areas for picking, packing, labelling, and other processes. Developing a more efficient way to handle deliveries also reduces the physical steps needed to pick and pack items. This leads to further reductions in the need for manual labour.

A custom solution can also be easily integrated with third-party logistics companies. 

Flexible Warehouse Operations

Successfully implementing warehouse management software can make your business more flexible. You can adapt easily to changes to demand. For example, a superior management system may allow for just-in-time (JIT) inventory. This involves maintaining minimum stock levels and moving products quickly. Faster turnover requires you to fulfil orders quickly and maintain an organised warehouse, which a custom WMS can provide.

Improved Employee Morale

The benefits discussed extend beyond the core business and the end client, they can also help boost employee morale. Employees tend to experience higher levels of job satisfaction when working in organised work environments. An organised warehouse creates less stress for workers, especially during peak shipping times. Reducing stress and improving morale may also lead to unseen benefits. For example, a less stressful warehouse environment may decrease the risk of injuries as workers do not feel rushed.

Continuous Improvement

Warehouse management software equips your business with the tools needed to continually improve operations and find new ways to increase productivity. Custom software can collect and store data in the cloud, which allows you to make more informed decisions as you expand your warehouse activities easily and from anywhere providing you with a high level of control throughout the entire process. WMS solutions are also continually improved. Whether you work with a vendor for off-the-shelf software or a developer for bespoke solutions, you can request additional features based on your specific needs.

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What Kind of Businesses Benefit From Proper Warehouse Management?

Any business with a warehouse benefits from superior management. However, warehouse management software is most common in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Food and beverage

  • Healthcare

  • Wholesale distribution

  • Third-party logistics

Manufacturers tend to have more complicated warehousing needs, as their assets and inventory often include a mixture of pre-existing materials and newly created products. For example, a manufacturer may acquire materials to produce automobile components. 

Custom warehouse management software can be tailored to meet individual requirements such as giving each newly manufactured component a unique SKU number to track it through the supply chain.

Brick-and-mortar retailers are also discovering the value of WMS for remaining competitive with larger online retailers. A custom WMS simplifies the process of handling dual-purpose warehouses that include inventory for in-store purchases and online orders.

Bespoke Warehouse Management vs. Off-the-Shelf Software

Off-the-shelf software is designed to meet general warehouse management needs, but it may not meet your specific needs. Bespoke warehouse management systems are designed and developed based on your requirements. Using a custom system ensures that you receive only the features that you need, resulting in a streamlined solution and the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility

  • Lower costs for growing businesses

  • Reduced need for employee training

  • Competitive advantage

Custom software offers increased flexibility as it only needs to include the features that you require. You have the freedom to pick and choose what you want. When you buy off-the-shelf software, you need to alter your needs to match the software.

Using bespoke software also tends to provide a better return in the long run. Unlike off-the-shelf software, you are not paying for licenses per user. You are paying for the development of the software. As your business grows to include more users, you do not need to cover the increasing cost of license fees.

Without unnecessary features, your software should provide a user-friendly interface that requires less training. These benefits may give your business a competitive advantage, as your competitors may not have the same quality of bespoke warehouse management software.

Why Choose Laracle for Bespoke Warehouse Management Software?

At Laracle, we specialise in creating bespoke applications and platforms for businesses of all sizes. Our custom warehouse management software is built from the ground up based on your needs. 

We thrive when challenged; if you can think of it, we can develop it. Our team has experience working with businesses across a wide range of industries. We understand the logistics of warehouse management, which allows us to tailor more effective software.

Our approach involves listening to your needs and goals. We work with you to develop a plan and keep you informed throughout the development lifecycle. After developing your software, we train you and your staff on your new platform and can continue to provide superior aftercare service.

Conclusion: Will You Benefit From Custom Warehouse Management Software?

If your business has a warehouse or manages a lot of assets, warehouse management software may increase the efficiency of your operations. You can streamline almost every aspect of warehousing, from receiving and stowing to shipping and returns.

Choosing a bespoke warehouse management solution over off-the-shelf software further enhances the benefits that your business receives. You can choose the features that you want, which results in more efficient, user-friendly software solutions. However, the effectiveness of your software depends on the developers that you choose.

Laracle is a leading choice for bespoke application development in the UK. We develop solutions in-house to deliver faster, more cost-effective results. Contact us today to discuss your warehouse management needs!

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