A CMS (content management system) provides an efficient way of managing large websites that regularly publish or update content. Multiple users can create, edit, and publish custom content without needing web development experience. However, you first need to choose the right CMS solution.

Here is a closer look at why you should consider using our custom CMS development service for your website needs.

What Is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a software application used to build and manage websites and online content. It provides users with simple interfaces for creating and modifying web pages without having to code.

A typical CMS includes a dashboard for managing content. You can browse existing web pages, blog posts, and uploaded content, such as images and PDFs.

A content editor is included for creating and editing web pages. Depending on the CMS, the content editor may resemble a text editor or provide a drag-and-drop interface.

Along with creating and managing content, some CMS solutions include basic user management features. You can create users with varying levels of permission. For example, you may allow a subset of employees to edit web pages but restrict them from creating or deleting pages.

The user management features may also allow for basic customer relationship management (CRM) functions, such as managing an email list or contact list. 

Third-party integrations and plugins are also frequently available. You may be able to integrate your website with your existing email marketing solution, CRM software, social media channels and other digital marketing systems you use.  

Who Benefits From Using a CMS?

Any business or entrepreneur that wants to publish online content will benefit from using a CMS. However, CMS platforms are especially helpful in the following situations.

  • You have a website that publishes lots of content

  • You do not have the time or skills to code a website

  • You do not have web design experience

  • You have an eCommerce business and need to regularly add or update products

  • Multiple employees need to create or edit content

A CMS makes it easier to manage all aspects of your website, from content to users. You have many different CMS platforms to choose from, including ready-made off-the-shelf options such as the world’s most well-known, WordPress, and custom CMS development solutions such as those provided by the team here at Laracle. 

Why WordPress Is the World’s Most Popular CMS

WordPress appeared in 2003 and now powers about 39.5% of all websites. Drupal, Magento, and Joomla also offer open-source platforms for building websites. However, WordPress was one of the first to gain mass adoption.

WordPress also stood out for its ease of use. The dashboard and content editors allow anyone to quickly publish web content. You can even import Microsoft Word documents and publish them as web pages.

WordPress is an open-source platform, which makes it free for anyone to use. Unlike a custom CMS, WordPress is available for installation within minutes. You can install WordPress through a web hosting provider and instantly start building your website.

As the popularity of WordPress grew, more developers started contributing plugins and themes to the WordPress repository. There are now over 50,000 plugins and 11,000 themes available for WordPress.

However, after continual updates and a growing selection of add-ons, WordPress has become less user-friendly. The variety of plugins and extra features can be overwhelming for those with little or no web development experience.

Building a website with various third-party plugins also comes with a few challenges. You need to ensure that each plugin receives the latest updates from the developers. Some plugins also lose support from developers, which can lead to potential security risks. 

Custom CMS development provides a more efficient, secure alternative to WordPress and other open-source CMS software.

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Advantages of Custom CMS Development Over WordPress

Choosing custom CMS development gives you more control. The entire framework of the CMS is built around your needs to deliver a tailor-made solution for managing your online content. Discussed below are a few of the advantages provided by a custom CMS.

Access to the Features That You Need

An open-source CMS, such as WordPress, may not include the features that you need “out of the box.” In fact, WordPress and other open-source CMS platforms often come with stripped-down features and require you to install plugins.

A custom CMS is developed to your specifications. It comes equipped with the features that you need instead of forcing you to search the internet for add-ons. 

More User-Friendly Interface

WordPress is relatively easy to use when creating a basic website. However, the interface becomes clunky and less efficient as you start experimenting with features, plugins, and themes. Incorporating eCommerce features or user management features can also be incredibly confusing for beginners.

A custom CMS developed by us will provide a more user-friendly interface as it will only include the features that you want and need. Users do not need to scroll through settings and options that they do not understand. The streamlined interface allows anyone to create or edit content.

Better Performance

WordPress has earned a reputation for providing an inconsistent visitor experience. Some WordPress sites are carefully managed to increase performance. They load quickly and correctly on any device. However, most WordPress sites are bogged down by add-ons, plugins and clunky themes.

As WordPress is designed for a broad audience, it incorporates many features and options that you may not need. It is also built to support third-party plugins. These details help make WordPress more flexible but at the cost of performance. The extra coding needed to provide a flexible CMS slows loading speeds and increases the risk of browser compatibility issues, particularly when relying on plugins.

A custom CMS allows you to provide visitors with a better experience. It does not include unnecessary code to support the installation of third-party plugins that you may never use. You receive a streamlined, efficient platform, which often results in shorter loading times and increased compatibility. 

Increased Security 

One of the biggest drawbacks of using WordPress is the potential security risk. Everyone has access to the source code for WordPress, as it is an open-source platform.

WordPress is also the most popular CMS, which makes it a frequent target for cybercriminals. They look for vulnerabilities in the WordPress source code and third-party plugins and then share those vulnerabilities with other hackers.

The team at WordPress is quick to address security exploits by releasing security patches. However, this also requires you to ensure that your website always has the latest updates.

With custom CMS development, only you and the developers know the code. You do not have to worry about known vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers. 


The frequent updates that WordPress receives occasionally break the functionality of third-party plugins. This is especially common with plugins that are no longer supported by the developers. 

For example, after updating WordPress, you may find that a plugin responsible for displaying a contact form on your website stops working. 

A custom CMS helps you avoid compatibility issues. The features and functions on your website are built into the design and framework of the site during the development process instead of being added as an afterthought. 

Ongoing Support 

The WordPress community provides a wealth of resources for dealing with technical issues. However, you still need to resolve issues on your own.

When you hire a development company to develop a custom web application such as a CMS, you receive aftercare support. Developers can continue to provide updates as necessary and are available to address any issues that arise. 

Scalable CMS Solutions 

WordPress and other ready-made CMS platforms are not highly scalable. Adding features and certain integrations may impact the performance of your website. 

A custom CMS is built to your specifications, which ensures that you already have the framework in place to support your growing operations. You also have access to developers who can incorporate new features as necessary instead of having to shop around for a third-party plugin.

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How to Start Developing a Custom CMS for Your Business

If you want to enjoy the advantages of a custom CMS, contact the experts at Laracle. We have years of experience providing affordable, efficient website design and software development solutions for businesses across the UK.

CMS systems developed by us can be customised however you choose. Everything is developed in-house, which allows us to retain control and deliver solutions to our clients faster. Our projects are always completed on time or ahead of schedule.

We also keep you informed during the development of your custom CMS. We ensure that you are updated on our progress and quickly address any of your concerns. 

After completing your custom CMS, we train you and your staff on the new platform. We walk you through the features to help you make the most out of your CMS.

Final Words

A custom-built content management system (CMS) makes it easier for you and your team to publish and manage websites, blog posts, and other online content. 

Custom content management systems offer increased security, page performance, compatibility, and ease of use. They are built to address your specific needs, which makes them an invaluable tool for successful online marketing.

Contact the experts at Laracle to explore our custom CMS development services!

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