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Code review can eliminate a cascade of problems down the line before they have a chance to begin.

Our senior development team can perform a deep dive into your code, bringing you a secure, discreet, outside perspective that can identify issues easily overlooked by even the most diligent and hardworking in-house team.
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We Make Your Job Easier

At Laracle, we fully understand that software development is a complex, multi-faceted beast.

We also know that when you're working on a complex and expansive project with multiple developers, you can usually feel in the dark, leaving you unsure on the quality of the code base of your application.

With Laracle, no job is either too big or too small; from periodic reviews during development, to a full code audit just before launching a product, to vetting code being written by a new hire, to performing code reviews for software that has already been launched. We can help you in every step of the journey.

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Getting started with Laracle on an in-depth, full source code review for your software systems is an easy process.
Take a moment to fill out the information on the form, and one of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.
We’ll then arrange with you a date where our fully vetted and trained development team can access to your code base and associated databases, once all the proper NDAs and agreements have been signed.
Our team will then begin a deep dive into your code. Not long after, we'll contact you by phone and email you an in-depth report of your code.
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Here are just a few of the ways our team can help you improve your code.


Ensure your source code is running optimally for memory usage and size as well as improving overall code quality.

Ease of Maintenance

Optimise efficiency to facilitate potential future enhancements, alterations or repairs.


Check your code for standards of formatting, ease of understanding, and a clear structure.


Uncover vulnerabilities before they can be ferreted out and exploited by malicious parties .


Make sure your source code runs as intended on all platforms you've designed it for.

Refactor or Rewrite

Once we've reviewed your source code, we can arrange to assist with refactoring or rewriting your code as needed
When developing our project initially we were using a third party agency who was both developing and hosting our code base.
We were uninformed about updates, which left us concerned about the quality of our code. When we contacted Laracle they helped us gain access to our code and performed a thorough check on the integrity of our application. Once this was complete they gave us a full code report and helped us migrate our application to a new hosting provider. Finally they carried out multiple bug fixes and code refactoring.

Charlie Gardener

CMO at Seatedly

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The sooner we get started, the sooner we can ensure that you're shipping products or running your business on fully optimised, worry-free code.