Delivery Marketplace for Moovstuff

Moovstuff, a disruptive delivery marketplace connecting delivery drivers to consumers across the UK.

About Moovstuff

Moovstuff wanted to build a pioneering system that intuitively connects delivery drivers and consumers across the UK.

Laracle where brought in to help conceptualise the platform alongside the Moovstuff management team. We meticulously planned out the complex user and supplier journeys and embarked on developing the multifaceted system.

the problem

An aged industry lacking innovation and progressive technology

There have been some big guns in this market that have dominated for decades, but with this has come a lack of innovation and use of modern technologies to cater for a younger, digitally native audience.
Moovstuff have changed that. 

Moovstuff partnered with us to design and develop a robust AI driven platform for consumers, a feature-rich portal for drivers and an extensive administration portal to closely monitor every accept of their business.

the solution

Key Features

• AI powered pricing Algorithms
• Three way instant messaging system
• Intuitive driver portal with live opportunity tracking
• Multichannel notification centre
• Progress, review and financial tracking
• Sophisticated administration portal and dashboards
• Intelligent search & data export
• Complex user journey & workflow

Laracle have created an amazing platform, their planning and mapping of customers journeys from the offset gave us an advantage when creating the functionality and content. We would highly recommend Laracle to any start ups looking to make a big impact!

Sam Labban

CEO at Moovstuff

the results

An AI driven marketplace pushing the boundaries of current technology

An immensely powerful system that will place Moovstuff as a market leader and prove to be the go to choice throughout the UK and beyond.

Through the rigorous discovery stage, we created around 50 clickable prototype screens that meant we were able to work closely with the Moovstuff management team to identify possible problems, react quickly and catch any issues well before code development and deployment.

The end result being an unrivalled system with various in-depth portals for end users, suppliers, and administrators.  Sophisticated AI powered pricing algorithms and complete live transparency of every journey flowing through the platform.

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