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Craft CMS Vs WordPress: Who Comes Out On Top In 2020?

If you're a web developer or virtually any other digital creative, you're no doubt familiar with WordPress.

Since launching in 2003, the old-school king of content management systems has been the default CMS of choice for millions of creators – approaching half a billion sites. The CMS market share claimed by WordPress is somewhere north of 60 percent, commanding more eyeballs than all other systems combined.

It's quite mad to think about, but according to these same studies, that also means WordPress powers some 35 percent of the content of the entire internet.

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Lighten Your Workload: Outsource PHP Development

If you want an application or website that loads quickly and includes custom features, outsource PHP development to a trusted agency. We are your source for reliable PHP developers. Our team provides custom PHP development to lighten your workload, allowing your designers to focus on other parts of the development process. We save you time and money while ensuring that

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Igri slot: їnya mechanics that is individual Roboti

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