In addition to classic competitions, cybersport has recently gained popularity. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a computer game, interest in which has grown so much that the world regularly holds Counter-Strike championships. Therefore, the competition attracts bettors who want CSGO betting. Together with verified capers on caper pro, who make telegram predictions on cybersports, we looked into this gaming niche in more detail.

Cybersports games

A popular game for cyber betting is Dota 2, which was first tested back in 2011. The competition involves two teams of 5 players each. The winner is the one who destroys the fortress and the enemy and saves his base from destruction. It is difficult for a new bettor to bet on cybersports Dota 2, as he is poorly analyzed the gameplay.

Nowadays, betting enthusiasts are more attracted to the cyber game CS:GO. In Counter-Strike fight two teams - terrorists and special forces. The first are trying to blow up the base, the second to defend it. During the competition, they play a few maps of the location of the base.

The winner is the one who has defeated all opponents in 16 rounds. After 15 periods have been played, the opponents switch places. If 30 rounds are completed and the winner is still not determined, the game continues in additional designated periods.

Types of cyber betting

All cybersports championships can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Minors. Competitions that allow the winner to be selected for a championship ranked higher.
  2. Majors. These are high level tournaments with a big prize fund.

During the championships, bookmakers open betting lines, where you can bet on cybersports.

The following types of bets on CS cybersports have become the most popular among bettors:

  • Winning one of the teams. Bookmakers offer this type of betting in pre-match or in play.
  • Total more or less. The bettor can bet the total on the number of rounds to be played by both opponents or one of the teams.
  • Plus or minus handicaps. Betting on meetings of favorites with outsiders.
  • A win in the first pistol round. Teams enter the game on a level playing field and acquire a powerful weapon only after winning the first pistol round.
  • Teams win for one side. After 15 rounds, the terrorists and special forces switch roles. In the game on the maps of the different locations of the bases sides have advantages and disadvantages. Using this data, bet on one of the teams to win.

Each high-level cyber match is an event in the world of sports on which you can earn. Therefore, bettors do not miss the opportunity to bet on CS:GO cyber sports.

Pros and cons of cyber betting

Online cybersports betting has both advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of betting on cybersports competitions:

  • Online mode. Organizing a live stream from a classic match is more difficult than broadcasting a Counter-Strike tournament. Bettors can watch the competition on any device and make live bets.
  • Stable results of cyber teams. Experienced bettors who regularly bet on cybersports keep statistics on teams' games and notice patterns in their wins and losses.
  • Bookmakers' mistakes in betting odds. Bookmakers may over or underestimate the odds on the outcome of events. This is used by bettors who constantly follow the games and know the weaknesses and strengths of the teams.

The disadvantages of betting on CS cybersports are as follows:

  • few competitions compared to classic sports;
  • bookmakers only describe a few betting options;
  • a small selection of betting sites that specialize only in CS cybersports betting.

Betting in cybersport, like any gambling, is risky and requires a competent allocation of the bank.

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How to plan for successful Software Development Outsourcing

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