Bespoke software refers to applications created to order, designed to fit the specific needs of a particular business. They help to streamline operations, eliminate inefficiencies between existing programs, and present a unique brand and polished UI for customers, among other things.

Amazon, McDonald's and Google are companies that run on great examples of bespoke software. But more and more small businesses are finding that the advantages of custom software solutions mean they're a bargain no matter your size. The competitive advantages companies gain from custom software – being perceived as innovators, gains in efficiency, cost savings, reduced labour, and streamlined, automated functions and more – are too significant to leave on the table.

Bespoke software gives companies the freedom to paint their own masterpiece rather than being stuck colouring inside the lines of generic, off-the-shelf software, making it a critical tool to help you stand out from the herd.

Various Types of Custom Software

  • Full-custom or legacy – This is software that's made entirely from scratch from the ground up. Most people use this term to describe systems of legacy software that were built before the use of APIs or code libraries.

  • Modern internal applications – These are pre-developed software libraries like a development framework or a software development kit (SDK) that are incorporated to reduce repeat code, allowing developers to concentrate on crafting code solutions to fit a company's specific needs. This is what most companies run on today.

  • Custom software systems – This is a term that refers to a company using software developed by other companies to assist its processing capacity, and incorporating large programming libraries.

An infographic of the various types of software

Real World Bespoke Software Examples

1. Amazon – It's hard to fathom this in an era where Amazon has a market cap of $1.5 trillion, but once upon a time, it was a humble online bookshop. The company's success at innovation is mainly built on fast turn-around times on orders, centring customer satisfaction, and making returns hassle-free, all of which are facilitated by their bespoke software. Amazon's software also makes it a leader in developing data on customer preferences.

2. Amadeus – Amadeus is an advanced travel booking portal that uses big data, the cloud and API to connect travellers with airlines, cruises, travel agencies, hotels, tours and more. They provide custom solutions for the hospitality sector, streamlining booking, payments, customer/traveller/guest management, and analytics of mountains of related data to help operators make the right decisions for their businesses.

3. AirBnB – The travel and lodging company provides one of the classic textbook bespoke software examples with its unique platform for safely and securely connecting property owners with travellers. By creating ways for each party to be remotely verified without needing to meet in person, AirBnB changed the face of worldwide travel. The app's custom software allows transparency in terms of renters and owners being able to rate and review each other, seamlessly move money from one to the other, and more, making the company the gold standard for the on-demand economy.

4. Seatedly – At Laracle we create robust bespoke software examples like Seatedly, a white-label ticketing solution we designed and built. Seatedly focuses on user experience in providing ticketing for events up to stadium-level in a £39 billion event industry that was lacking an off-the-shelf, white-label ticketing application. Now venues and large-scale promoters can use Seatedly to take full control of their ticketing, with the tools to run their own branded ecosystems. The package includes e-ticketing and printed tickets, anti-fraud QR coded e-tickets, multi-payment checkout portals, a comprehensive reporting dashboard, and much more.

5. Moovstuff – Another one of Laracle's bespoke software examples is the on-demand delivery marketplace app Moovstuff. The company runs an innovative business model linking delivery drivers and consumers, seeking to bring a modern, digital approach to a stagnant industry. The AI-driven platform provides pricing algorithms, maps out complex user journeys, provides three-way IM communication, an intuitive driver portal, and a sophisticated admin dashboard.

6. Skyscanner – Along with AirBnB, Skyscanner is one of the modern world's truly innovative bespoke software examples changing modern travel. The app runs a meta-search engine, taking just seconds to return users every available flight for a given date and destination. The software includes a robust data extractor, scraping vast amounts of airline, hotel and travel data and turning them into actionable results for users in mere seconds. An initial investment of £2.5 million in 2008 returned $1.75 billion when the company sold just eight years later, all made possible with custom software.

7. Uber – Despite opponents taking issue with Uber's strong-arm tactics in its efforts to penetrate every major metropolis in the world, even critics have to admit that its custom software is incredible. Eliminating the need for harried human dispatchers to organise and send out drivers, the ride-hailing app uses an intelligent system to match available drivers to nearby riders. Lauded for its seamlessly connected rider-facing and driver-facing sides, the app also provides guidance and navigation for drivers and dynamic pricing that reflects the availability of cars. This powerful custom software solution has resulted in Uber taking 74.3 per cent of the U.S. market share as of 2017.

8. Tik Tok – Short video sharing service Tik Tok has only been around since 2016, but you wouldn't know it based on the app's impact on the world. One of the most successful bespoke software examples in recent memory, Tik Tok has close to a billion users globally – over 50 per cent of whom are under 35 – who can share 15-second videos, creating a whole generation of new online celebrities. The custom software helps the app decide what videos a user will want to see in their timeline without even requiring input their preferences. That's because the AI has developed a massive database of consumer behaviour, calibrating on ever more refined terms what will grab and hold user attention.

Amazon - Bespoke software example

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