Success in business today depends more than ever on how your company's applications function in real-time. You only get a chance to grab the attention of the average visitor for 15 seconds, so you don't want an e-commerce site that hangs, outdated warehouse inventory, or a creaky user interface.

That's where Laracle's custom software development services come in.

Laracle's decade of expertise in creating elegant, functional applications has catapulted us to the forefront of bespoke software development in the UK, with tons of satisfied customers, great reviews, and wide recognition in the business community.

While generic, off-the-shelf software may work for some companies, many are looking for something that better fits their specific needs. Here are a few thoughts to consider as you decide what kind of software solutions are best for your company.

Do Our Bespoke Software Development Services Make Sense For You?

Businesses that are just getting started might be able to get away with cheaper, generic software solutions, for the time being, it's true. Running the risk of looking similar to other sites in your sector, navigating bloatware on the back end, and lacking functionality on the front end is often the trade-off when you're budget-constrained.

However, many companies that are ready to expand might look at scaling up only to find their generic software is holding them back.

Laracle is for any business ready to grow, and in the process, invest the time and up-front costs to get set up for a future where you own your own product, can customise the environment, scale up at will, and have the freedom to make future alterations.

What Are The Advantages Of Bespoke Software?

Tailor-made for your needs – You get an application designed to fit seamlessly with your existing systems and do precisely what you need with no extra bloat or missing features.

Increases company value – By automating tasks, eliminating friction between legacy systems, and reducing costs, your company worth is increased instantly with custom software.

Presents a unique face to the public – You have full control over designing a site that reflects your company's unique aesthetic.

We have an entire blog post about the advantages of bespoke software. Check it out if you want to know more. 

How Much Will This Cost?

Nothing good comes for free. However, a custom software solution is a lower cost than you might imagine.

What's more, after the up-front fees are paid, the savings with bespoke applications kick in almost immediately. Most businesses find that within two to three years after adopting tailored software solutions, they've recouped their cost many times over.

And that's not even to mention the immediate expense reductions:

  • Reduced labour - automated functions means fewer work hours

  • More efficient operations – seamless communication between legacy systems

  • Tighter inventory controls – lower rates of loss, damage, and mis-ordered materials

  • Better customer satisfaction – fewer costs associated with mis-shipments and returns

  • Smoother integration – clean integration with all current running systems

How Much Will This Cost infographic

But perhaps the most critical cost-related consideration has to do with scalability. Laracle creates software solutions that are fully expandable, and which can be adjusted in a myriad of other ways over time, including adding modules, eliminating functions that are no longer relevant, etc.

And when it comes to bespoke software solutions in the UK, Laracle offers a surprisingly reasonable pricing schedule. We offer quotes on a per-project basis, so there are no hidden expenses or surprise additional costs.

Reach out today and drop us a few brief notes on your project, and we can get started building you a quote and a preliminary plan.

We Speak Your Language

We have a team of expert developers who are well-versed in a wide variety of programming languages, including PHP, JavaScript, vue.js, and more, so we can literally create any type of software you can dream up.

Our speciality, and what sets us apart in offering the top bespoke software solutions in the UK is our team's talent and training on Laravel.

As Laravel's own creators along with millions of users agree, Laravel is a PHP framework that's “...designed for web artisans,” allowing developers to create the most elegant and user-friendly bespoke software currently available. With the Laravel framework, you wind up with a software product that's highly agile and adjustable, as well as robust, powerful and secure.

That means that you have the freedom to order up a bespoke software solution perfectly suited to your needs and tastes, but that you can also relax knowing that it can handle whatever you throw at it.

Case Studies

Seatedly – As a top new contender in the £39 billion event ticketing sector, Seatedly came to Laracle to seek the best bespoke software development in the UK for a white-label ticketing solution. We created a package including revamped UX/UI design to help Seatedly provide an innovative alternate option to their competitors, including ticketing right up to stadium-level events.

Features we created for Seatedly include:

  • E-ticket and printed ticket system

  • Scannable, anti-fraud QR-coded e-tickets

  • Multi-payment checkout system

  • Integrated box office

  • Client-branded event pages featuring custom fees and advertising

  • Fully customisable in-depth reporting dashboard

An infographic showing the benefits of bespoke software

Moovstuff – Moovstuff is a start-up disruptor in the delivery sector that connects delivery drivers with consumers, and consulted with Laracle because the company needed an intuitive, complex, multi-faceted platform. They needed to map out intricate journeys that coordinate users and suppliers, facilitate user/driver communication and tracking, provide management with a bird's-eye view of the entire operation, and more

Moovstuff features included:

  • Algorithms powered by AI with dynamic price calculation

  • Three-way instant messaging platform

  • Easy-to-navigate drivers' portal with real-time tracking

  • Multi-faceted admin portal with an array of dashboards

  • Data export capabilities and intelligent search

Here at Laracle, we've honed a flexible, straightforward, and cost-effective approach to bespoke software development that's landed us a place at the forefront of Laravel developers in the UK. Contact our dedicated, knowledgeable customer service department today, and provide some basic information on your operation.

Our team of the best bespoke software developers in the UK can get started straightaway outlining a plan to help you take your business to the next level.

Reach out by email – or call our London office at 02080 165 891. We look forward to creating the software solution that's perfect for you!

How to plan for successful Software Development Outsourcing

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How to plan for successful Software Development Outsourcing

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