Do you begin most of your days by tracking your Amazon orders? Ever wonder, how did it all start?

The Rise of E-Commerce

It is hard to believe that the internet wasn’t even born a few decades ago. The internet opened for commercial use in 1991 giving birth to various e-commerce platforms. In 1992, Charles M Stack launched Books Stacks Unlimited, an online store, now, known as Barnes and Noble. This was how e-commerce first came to be. 

The online market was so promising that Amazon followed suit in 1995. Google understood the growth opportunity and launched Google AdWords in 2000 - pioneering the digital advertising space. Facebook is fairly recent - thanks to its first paid campaign in 2011! 

Within the last year, the Covid-19 outbreak fuelled the fire and pushed custom e-commerce development, accelerating the industry to $82.5 billion - a 77% increase compared to 2019.

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions vs Custom Bespoke Solutions

If you are just starting or expanding your e-commerce business, answer these before you hire a website development company:

  1. Will an out-of-the-box solution (OOTB) satisfy your business needs?

  2. What value will a custom e-commerce solutions provider bring?

Out-of-the-box Solutions, or ‘canned’ solutions, are non-flexible, off-the-shelf products that are designed to cater to the common needs of businesses serving a wide range of customers. This is how they compare to custom website development solutions:

  1. OOTB solutions are often more economical in the short term while custom bespoke solutions are expensive. This is because custom solutions require significant research and development before even beginning the e-commerce website development process.

  2. They often have online forums and communities where people can interact and find common solutions. On the other hand, while custom e-commerce development gives the flexibility to create something unique and truly fit for purpose, there isn't often an established community to learn from. 

  3. OOTB platforms are often unnecessarily bloated and have features you will never use, whereas custom bespoke solutions are chalked as per your needs.

  4. Since they can’t be customised, you may end up paying for things that you don’t even use. Custom solutions are scalable and you only pay for the services you use.

Readily available with annual maintenance costs and one-time purchase costs, OOTB solution designs are often used by smaller businesses. But if you are looking to scale your business, custom e-commerce development solutions are your best bet. 

How Much Will This Cost infographic

6 Reasons Custom E-Commerce Development Solutions Are Better For Your Business

Custom solutions may take months to develop, but in the long run, a custom e-commerce website will yield a greater return on investment (ROI). 

  1. User Experience: Custom bespoke solutions include web development or app development that cater to your business-specific needs. They are designed, developed, and launched after rigorous planning and a thorough understanding of your business. All in all, they offer a better user experience and are more scalable. 

  2. Business Growth: A custom software solution is highly adaptable. While these solutions do incur a higher setup cost and greater time-to-market, they allow companies to reap the rewards of greater functionality as and when the business grows.

  3. Flexibility: When PayPal introduced online payment systems in 1998, a new wave emerged in the web development sector of e-commerce. Every business wanted to jump on the bandwagon by giving customers the option to pay online. Custom solutions often have the flexibility to develop SDKs and APIs that are compatible with multiple payment gateways.

  4. Security: Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance for every business if data is stored in the cloud. Custom software development is often more secure as the business can use better DevOps for a more secure architecture. It also offers the flexibility of developing gradually and the team of developers can focus on security at each step. 

  5. Competitive Edge: In this fast-evolving business landscape competition is fierce, hence custom e-commerce development makes more sense. You can tweak the application or website as per the changing market which gives you an edge over the competition. OOTB solutions are designed to cater to the masses and therefore they may take time to adapt to market trends. 

  6. Data: You will be able to retain all data from a custom software solution that can be further analysed when planning future developments. Also, digital marketing becomes easy with such solutions if your website/application stands out. 

These are just a handful of reasons why custom e-commerce development helps in building your overall brand and is highly effective in adapting market trends timely. 

Still not sure what is right for your business? Laracle can help! 

How Can Laracle Help Your Business With Custom E-Commerce Development? 

Laracle is one of the leading web design and development companies in the UK. Having catered to a variety of clients in the past, we take pride in building custom e-commerce solutions from the ground up. And, we love to do it every time!

While you focus on business development and branding, Laracle’s solutions offer the following to help you succeed:

  1. Bespoke platforms: Developing custom software might seem like a cumbersome process. But our team of solution architects follows a systematic approach. They perform a detailed analysis before proposing a solution - by understanding your business goals, the product-market fit, and analysing the current and past trends in a similar business domain. 

With laser focus on your business, our solutions are fully customisable. Our design team understands the importance of a great user interface and we assure you that our final product will be liked by you, your customers, and other stakeholders!

  1. Control: Since we develop everything in-house, we have full control over the development process. With continuous communication between project managers and clients, we ensure that you are updated throughout every step of the development. Any suggestions and changes can be taken care of whenever the need arises. 

  2. Efficiency: Time is money, and at Laracle, we understand that more than most. The project development team designs and develops solutions that are cost and time-effective. To be able to help you get an early head-start, there is continuous mentoring and support. As soon as your website goes live, you can start selling full throttle. Want to know more about our process? Take a look at our previous blog post

  3. Customer Relations: Our team is here to offer you support every step of the way. We ensure that you will receive support over the phone, email, chat, in-person (our office) whenever you need it. A dedicated account manager ensures that you are offered the correct solutions to your problems as soon as possible.

We use the latest web development technologies to make platforms and applications that are 100% tailored to meet your needs and that can be customised however you like.

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Laracle’s Approach

We are a data-driven development company and follow a simple, flexible, and cost-effective approach. We start by identifying your business needs, goals, and long-term vision. Our development team takes care of all aspects of your e-commerce development project.

We use a six-step approach for custom e-commerce development when onboarding our clients:

  1. Know the client:  Every client is different, hence their needs are different. The first step of the approach is to understand your needs, how you envision your website, your target customers, and how you plan to use your website.

  2. Listen to the client’s goals: To determine a product-market fit, it is important to know what is the desired outcome of your business. Understanding the business model helps our solution architects offer a solution in line with the ultimate goal of your business. 

  3. Develop a plan: Once the goal is identified, our solution architects and clients sit together to brainstorm all possible solutions. Next, we share the first draft with you and, based on your inputs, we develop a concrete plan. This moves the website design to the development stage.

  4. Inclusive development: To give a seamless experience to our customers, we involve our clients at every step of the development process. Every project is assigned a project manager and a dedicated team. This way we are able to foster a positive working relationship with our clients and help them achieve their goals. 

  5. Mentor: As soon as the designs are finalised, the developers start coding to bring the plan to life. With each update and added feature, the client is mentored and other stakeholders are coached so that they can work with the software once it is handed over to the client. This is extremely important to us as mentoring helps our clients to understand the workflows better and generate desired reports as and when required. 

  6. After-sales service: Our teams are always on hand to provide continuous after-sales services to our clients. If you are ever stuck or have any questions, we’ve got your back. Our quality of customer service is our USP, before, during, and after.

Having served customers like Pepsico, Holland & Barrett, Dogs Trust, The SSE Arena, etc. Laracle has been recognised as a Top Developer in the UK by Clutch. If you are looking for custom e-commerce website development solutions, we look forward to hearing from you.

For more details, call us on +44 2080165891, drop an email to us at or drop by at our London or Stratford upon Avon office.

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How to plan for successful Software Development Outsourcing

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